Who's Made Their Picks?

aaa Yes!
Ace of Diamonds Yes!
Aceofspades Yes!
BebeLedge Yes!
BevyGram Yes!
Bruce's Gamers Yes!
BruceMoose Yes!
Bubba’s Boys Yes!
CurtandAnna Yes!
Dean Hebenstreit Yes!
Dixie normous Yes!
GLondon Yes!
Hi Desert Rick Yes!
Hilldog Yes!
Hot Mess Yes!
KeithM Yes!
Kracker Yes!
KT Yes!
Lexy_lynn Yes!
LuckyDuck Yes!
Mike Nolan Still Sucks Yes!
Nfabs Yes!
Panther Party Yes!
Papa's Girls Yes!
Postiegirl Yes!
PT Jo Yes!
Raider Fan Yes!
RaiderHater Yes!
RC Niner Yes!
Rolling Rock Yes!
Sam Yes!
Sammy Yes!
Sandman Yes!
Shawnyboy Yes!
Silver & Black Attack Yes!
Stryker408 Yes!
SunnySlopes Yes!
Texans Rebel Yes!
the Duke Yes!
Tinman Yes!
Total Players Picked: 42
Total Players Unpicked: 0