16-1 Game 2021 Ruules

  1. Entry: 2 Games in One. $17 entry to play the weekly game only; $23 entry to play for overall only prizes; $40 to play in both (what MOST people will do).
  2. Means of payment. Cash or Check or PayPal. If you wish to pay by check, email me for my snail-mail address (it is he same address I had last year). Paypal (www.paypal.com) is easier for most people. HOWEVER, if you use this method, it MUST COME FROM Paypal funds; if you use another method of sending the payment via Paypal, please add 5% to cover transaction costs. I will always sned payments via paypal, if you request it or you paid via paypal, and it will always come from my paypal funds. Otherwise, I will pay you with check or cash immediately (upon request), or we can hold your funds until the end of the season, and pay it in one check when it's all over.
  3. Number of Members. No limit.
  4. Concept. You need to pick the WINNING team in each of the (up to 16) games each week. You place a "value" on each game, ranking from 16 to 1, where 16 would be assigned to the "blockbuster easy win" of the week, down to 1 to "gee, I have no idea WHICH team will win". You get points for each game you correctly pick, up to a maximum of 136 if you get all 16 games correct. On weeks with byes, it will default to the highest possible value for the bye games. Ties are considered wins for both teams.
  5. Procedures. Each week, soon after the Monday Night game has concluded, you may logon to the web site (www.brucegames.com), and find your name, enter your password, and be presented with the games for this week. Be sure to use all 16 numbers for your picks. Once you have made your selections, you may change them as many times as you wish until the cutoff time, 15 MINUTES before First Kickoff (on Sunday Morning). Games will lockout individually for games that begin before Sunday Morning. At that point, you will be allowed to on-line view everybody's picks (that are locked). If you fail to turn in picks, you will receive a ZERO score for that week.
  6. Tie-breakers. Weekly Game: At picking time, you'll be asked for the "Total Points", which is the total scored by both teams, on Monday Night Football (or the last game listed in Week 17, or the second Monday Night game in Week 1). You combine the scores to derive this number. Closest to this number wins. Ties on the tie-breaker results in a split of the prize.
  7. Non-Sunday Games. Games that start from 10am or later on Sunday will all lock at 9:45am on Sunday. Games that start before that time will lock INDIVIDUALLY. That means once the game has started, you will not be able to make a pick on that game; if the game has not concluded, and you attempt to pick, it will give you no team at maximum points. ONLY locked games that start early will be disclosed for everybody to see (that is, your other picks will remain hidden until 9:45am on Sunday).
  8. Forfeited Games. If a game is forfeted, it will be recorded as a 1-0 win. This will only occur if a player who is unvaccinated causes the league to cancel the game; if both teams are guilty, it will be a 1-1 tie, and both teams will be scored as a winner.
  9. Payoffs. 100% returned in prizes. (all percentages approx, and will be rounded to a nice number)
    1st 2nd 3rd
    50% 30% 20%
    Best 17 Weeks Best 12 Weeks Best 8 Weeks Best 4 Weeks
    1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st
    25% 20% 15% 12.5% 10% 7.5% 5% 5%
    In the event of ties, prizes will be split among all winners. In the event of a player winning multiple prizes, the prize worth the most will be the one the player wins. One overall prize per person maximum.