16-1 Game 2020 Ruules (special payoff rules)

  1. IF the season goes 13 or more weeks, NORMAL payoffs will occur (with the exception noted below). Any weeks not played will have the weekly funds rolled into the overall pool.
  2. IF te season goes at least 8 weeks (but less than 13), I will award all the remaining weekly funds, with the overall funds, and award it for the overall scoring, in a 1-to-6 player ratio (approximately). The prizes will be structured such that the higher you finish, the more you will receive (obviously).
  3. If the season fails to go at least 8 weeks, there will be NO overall payoffs. The funds that are not paid can either be refunded, or rolled over into next year's game (at the discretion of each individual, using the same method as how you paid).
  4. Any individual games in a given week that are cancelled, will count as WINS for both teams. It is YOUR responsibility to put these games (if known) at the higher point spots. This will NOT be done automatically.
  5. If the total number of people playing is below 30, I reserve the right to MODIFY the overall payoff structure. The most likely change will be only 1 prize for each of the 4 groups (Best 17, Best 12, Best 8 and Best 4). I will post on the front of the page (right side) what those payoffs are after the second week has started.